Our Technology

Airy is a unique bio-filter innovation: a patented, natural, indoor air purification system.

How Airy solves your indoor air issues

Airy is a natural device using the power of plants to bring fresh air into homes, as if you had your own personal “Rain Forest” at home. Airy is fully passive and needs no electricity; nevertheless, it silently and efficiently cleans your indoor air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contrary to electronic air-purifying devices, no need to clean or replace filters. You will not have any maintenance burden except watering your plants once to twice a month.

Do you want to live longer and healthier?

  • Airy increases efficiency, productivity and creativity
  • Airy increases indoor air quality (lowers CO2 level, increases humidity, decreases pollutants)
  • Airy reduces illness risk
  • Airy reduces noise level
  • Airy saves energy by regulating your home micro climate

The technology

Airy is a unique bio-filter innovation: a patented, natural, indoor air purification system. By providing an optimal air flow directly to the root system of the plant, Airy acts like a ‘supercharger’ to the air purifying plant. The air reaches the roots of the plant via the specially designed slits/lamellas located at the bottom of the Airy. The two-chamber system creates a stacking effect, creating a continuous air flow passing through the Smart Substrate and the roots, where the air is purified. Simply said, Airy system ventilates the roots of the plant, which improves the roots’ capabilities to capture air pollutants, and to transform them enzymatically into nutrients (amino acids, starch and sugar) for the plant to grow. After all, plants are our heroes, and Airy’s mission is to enable them to perform better in order for everyone on this planet to breathe healthy air again.

Ultra-low maintenance and a system designed for a lifetime

Airy purifies indoor air without electricity (no energy, no plugging needed) and without chemicals. That’s right, it’s 100% natural and completely silent. Airy is equipped with a built-in water reservoir that feeds the plant and directly contributes to regulating indoor air humidity. All is needed to maintain the system is to fill water on a regular basis. Furthermore, no repotting is needed for the plant. Indeed, our system enables the plant to keep growing on the surface while its roots remain stable and perfectly comfortable underneath: the roots stop growing the moment they reach ‘air’, which is called ‘air pruning’ process. This greatly benefits the plant as it keeps growing but never outgrows the size of the Airy it requires. Also, it is worth noting that the pollutants are not retained in the substrate, hence do not ever think about replanting. Airy is made of a high-quality thermoplastic (PP):

  • One of the safest (least toxic)
  • Hardly breakable (especially if you have younger children)
  • Does not store moisture reserve (unlike ceramics and terracotta for instance)
  • Durable - last for long: thicker and UV-protected (no need to be covered against sunlight)
  • 100% recyclable, no eco-toxicity and no smell
  • Anti-static (especially if you have pets in your home)
  • Affordable (available for everyone, unlike powered air filters and humidifiers)

The Smart Substrate

Airy has developed its own substrate using a mix of three natural minerals. The substrate serves as an optimal culture medium for plants and micro-organisms. Above all, it is also a filter that binds odours and air pollutants. Among the three minerals, the first one is called zeolite: its porous structure stores nutrients which are released to plants when needed. The two other minerals are called pumice and lava: these are stones that help water drainage and roots network propagation. Airy’s Smart Substrate naturally regulates the pH level at a value around 6.3, which is just about right for most plants at home. Last, but not the least, the Smart Substrate prevents moisture development, which is another great benefit for maintaining the plant healthy.