We ship our plants in the best horticultural quality from one of the leading nurseries in Germany. The plants are carefully selected according to their readiness for shipping and the correct size and are subjected to a visual inspection before shipping.
If your plant still arrives damaged due to shipping or has other defects, please take photos that document the problem and contact our customer service immediately ( info@airy.green ).

Plants are living beings and react to changes in their environment, for example they can leave their leaves drooping for a while. It may therefore take a few days or weeks after shipping for your plant to get used to its new home.

That's why we give you a 30-day plant guarantee.

If your plant doesn't recover within this time, we will replace it for you. Please send us a message within 30 days and always with clear photos info@airy.green .

If the plant appears to be damaged due to improper handling, we reserve the right not to invoke the warranty.

Please note that after the 30 day period, we will no longer be able to provide a refund for the plant.