Warum kommen Ringwurzeln in der Natur (und im AIRY) nicht vor?
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Back to the roots

You need a jungle in your room so that herbal cleaning power has the necessary effect! One could assume. This is not the case if you look at the task radically, i.e. from the roots. As a reminder:...
Welche Pflanze für welchen Raum?
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Welche Pflanze für welchen Raum?

In unseren modernen Lebensräumen verbringen wir viel Zeit drinnen, sei es zu Hause oder im Büro. Doch leider können sich in geschlossenen Räumen Schadstoffe ansammeln, die zu gesundheitlichen Besch...
Tipps und Tricks zum Wassertank

Tipps und Tricks zum Wassertank

Liebe Pflanzenliebhaber und Freunde gesunder Atemluft, in den letzten Wochen gab es immer wieder Fragen dazu und daher nehmen wir uns heute eines der wichtigsten Elemente in unserem AIRY System vo...
Das VOC-ABC: T wie Toluol 🚬
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The VOC ABC: T for Toluene 🚬

Why does TOLUENE particularly affect smokers 🚬, but we cannot be safe from TOLUENE even when dressing up 💃? TOLUENE is also called methylbenzene or phenylmethane and belongs to the group of arom...
Gesammelte Forschungsergebnisse
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Collected research results

AIRY's work takes place in an environment that not only directly affects each of us, but is constantly around us. For a long time, however, the topic of "indoor air" was hardly researched. However,...
AIRY im Vergleich zu ...
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AIRY compared to...

We are often asked, what is the difference between the AIRY systems and a normal flower pot or technical devices? Here is a brief overview. AIRY vs. plants in regular pots Normal plant po...
Effektive Luftreinigung mit AIRY: Natürlich und einfach
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Effective air purification with AIRY: Natural and simple

This is not an ordinary flower pot that you see here. It is an air purifier that works with plants in an innovative way - without high electricity costs, annoying noises or regular filter changes...
AIRY im Jahrbuch der NASA
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AIRY in the NASA Yearbook

NASA researched the air-purifying effect of plants back in the 1980s. One finding: the plant leaves collect pollutants, but the roots do the actual work. Then in 2018 the call came from Houston: N...
Die "NASA Clean Air Study"
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The NASA Clean Air Study

What do you do when you are outside the Earth's atmosphere and still want to breathe fresh air? NASA asked itself this question back in the 1980s. The NASA Clean Air Study of 1989, led by Dr. Wol...
Warum Du Dich für Luftfeuchtigkeit interessieren solltest
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Why you should care about humidity

Do you wake up in the morning with a dry throat, a headache or just not feeling refreshed? Then it may be because the air quality in your bedroom is poor, either due to pollutants or a lack of h...
Was wiegt 1 Liter Luft?
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How much does 1 liter of air weigh?

Have you ever thought about how many kilograms of food you - purely statistically speaking - consume over the course of your life? N/a? It's 30,000 kilograms! And liquids? Three times as much, s...

Flamingo flower

The Flamingo Flower or Anthurium is a beautiful plant that needs a few special care instructions to stay healthy and radiant. Here are a few tips: Location: Place your Anthurium in a bright...
Was atme ich eigentlich ein?
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What am I actually breathing in?

If the air is clean, you can't see, smell or taste it. It contains approximately 78 percent nitrogen gas (N 2 ), 21 percent oxygen gas (0 2 ). There is still one percent left. This is made up ...
Regenwald auf der Fensterbank
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Rainforest on the windowsill

We give off carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. C0 2 against 0 2 , a perfect cycle that constantly gives us fresh breathing air. Flora also has the necessary know-how when it comes to other waste ...
Lüften. Aber bitte richtig
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Ventilate. But please do it properly

First, ventilate! Does your workplace smell like the day before yesterday or your apartment smell like new sneakers? If you reach for an air freshener or other so-called air freshener, you are on...
Photosynthese - was ist das noch mal genau?
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Photosynthesis – what exactly is it?

The word comes from the Greek (photos = light, synthesis = composition). Photosynthesis takes place in certain plant cells: These are mainly located in the upper and green parts of a plant and cont...
Wie funktioniert der Kamineffekt beim AIRY?
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How does the chimney effect work on the AIRY?

In order for houseplants to free the indoor air of pollutants, the air not only has to reach their roots once and stay there, but rather it has to be “pulled past” them in large quantities. So why...
👑 👑 👑 Unsere drei Kostbarkeiten
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👑 👑 👑 Our three treasures to breathe deeply

One secret of the AIRY system lies in three treasures that help you breathe healthier: ZEOLITE, LAVA and PUMSE! Pumice and lava are mined in the Volcanic Eifel. Pumice and lava have a low C02 foot...
🥴 PHTALATE - die ungesunden Weichmacher
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🥴 PHTALATES - the unhealthy plasticizers

Phthalates are found all around us and are mostly odorless. They sneak into the air we breathe and thus into our bodies. But they also find their way to us via food and cosmetics. They can be fou...
🥴 FORMALDEHYD - einfach überall
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🥴 FORMALDEHYDE - simply everywhere

Do you live in a 🏠 NEW BUILDING or have you just RENOVATED 🎨? Then you most likely have a lot of FORMALDEHYDE in your room air. Some of these materials will off-gas 🗓️ FOR YEARS until all the FORM...
☠️ BENZOL - hochgiftig und genotoxisch
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☠️ BENZOLE - highly toxic and genotoxic

Everyone probably knows the smell of benzene: it's the typical smell of gasoline at the gas station ⛽. And a real devil's work 👿: Benzene is toxic ☠️ and carcinogenic. Our body absorbs it through...
😵 AMMONIAK - stechend und ungesund 🐷🙀
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😵 AMMONIA - pungent and unhealthy 🐷🙀

Good air - even if it stinks? That's rather rare. On a farm, for example, you can smell exactly where the pigs are - and a cat litter box should also be cleaned very regularly, otherwise it smells...
🍄 Ist das Schimmel oder kann das weg?! 🍄
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🍄 Is that mold or can it be removed?! 🍄

Why the "mold" is usually not mold - but is actually a sign of quality. We regularly receive worried messages and photos from customers: "Help, my AIRY is full of mold!". They then describe white f...

Sword fern

Caring for a sword fern (Nephrolepis) in mineral substrate requires a few special steps to ensure the plant stays healthy and pretty. Here are a few tips: Location: Place the sword fern in a...

Weeping fig

The care of a weeping fig (Ficus exotica) in a mineral substrate can be slightly different than in conventional potting soil, as the substrate meets special requirements. Here are a few tips for ...

Dragon tree

Caring for a dragon tree (Dracaena) requires a few special measures to keep the plant healthy and happy. Here are a few care tips: Light: Dracaena love bright, indirect sunlight. Place the p...

Bow hemp

Caring for a snake plant (we offer the Sansevieria Laurentii and the Sansevieria Zeylanica) is relatively easy. The plant is robust and requires little attention. Here is a quick care guide: ...

Goldfruit palm

Caring for a Dypsis palm in mineral substrate requires special attention and care to keep the plant healthy and happy. Here are a few tips: Light requirements: The goldfruit palm needs a lot...
🥴 Argh, mein AIRY hat 'ne Beule
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🥴 Argh, my AIRY has a bump

Your AIRY has a dent? No problem. Here you can see how you can fix it easily and effectively: By the way: Our AIRY are made of high-quality polypropylene (PP) and do not contain any plasticize...
😳 Hilfe, mein AIRY ist auseinandergefallen 🤯
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😳 Help, my AIRY fell apart 🤯

Has your AIRY M "fallen apart"? No problem, it's probably just the bayonet lock that has opened. This allows you to disassemble the biofilter into its individual parts if you want to put it in the...