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We are often asked, what is the difference between the AIRY systems and a normal flower pot or technical devices?

Here is a brief overview.

AIRY vs. plants in regular pots

Normal plant pots bring with them some challenges: The plant “roots through” until it no longer finds space in the pot. This requires increased maintenance and makes later repotting work necessary. There is basically no ventilation of the root system, so the plant's existing ability to purify indoor air is hardly used. There is also the ongoing risk that the plant receives too little or too much water.

AIRY is clearly superior to commercially available plant pots in all of these points and is clearly superior even to the layperson: the nature of the inner mesh pot, for example, ensures that the plant roots stop growing as soon as they no longer feel any resistance ("air pruning"). This is the case at the moment when they have reached the slots in the grid. While the hair roots of the plant are continuously ventilated by the AIRY system, the water-bearing roots can be optimally supplied by the existing tank. A growth comparison over 150 days also showed that plants in an AIRY system produce around half more biomass than comparison plants in a conventional pot.

AIRY vs. HEPA filters

AIRY removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs, volatile hydrocarbons) from indoor air. VOCs are among the most dangerous pollutants of all. A HEPA filter alone is not able to do this; it must be equipped with activated carbon. But even then its performance is significantly lower.

While AIRY becomes more powerful over time as the plant and the microbes in the soil adapt to their environment, the effectiveness of a HEPA filter decreases until it is replaced. This refreshment should be done at least once a year; it is time-consuming and expensive.

AIRY, on the other hand, only needs daylight and a little water regularly. No energy is consumed and no waste is produced.

AIRY vs. Electronic Filters

The efficiency of electronic filters decreases as soon as the filter fills with particles, the air flow decreases or is irregular.

In return, AIRY is completely independent of technical irregularities - and the air-purifying effect of AIRY even increases over time. This is due to the fact that the plant and the microbes in the soil substrate adapt to their environment.

An electronic filter requires regular maintenance and cleaning. This is time consuming and immediately associates the user with the collected dirt.

AIRY, on the other hand, requires no maintenance. A little water every few weeks and, if necessary, some nutrient additives for the plant are sufficient.

Last but not least: An electronic filter is an electronic device with the appearance and requirements of a household appliance (power supply). AIRY, on the other hand, with its plant is a natural addition to interior design. And here one plant alone often makes the difference.

AIRY vs. ionic air purification devices

Powerful ion air purification devices, like all other technical air purifiers, are expensive. They also emit ozone, which can cause problems with the air we breathe. Additionally, these devices tend to contaminate household surfaces with fine pollutant particles that are difficult to remove.

AIRY has not and does not cause these problems.

AIRY vs. Ozone air purifiers

Ozone is one of the strongest sterilizing agents and is extremely effective against germs, bacteria and odors. However, there are no devices available for private users that can use ozone to a sufficient extent, because ozone is a gas that causes significant irritation and respiratory problems.

These devices also have the problem of surface contamination by fine pollutant particles that are difficult to clean.

AIRY has not and does not cause these problems.

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