Effektive Luftreinigung mit AIRY: Natürlich und einfach

Effective air purification with AIRY: Natural and simple

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This is not an ordinary flower pot that you see here.

It is an air purifier that works with plants in an innovative way - without high electricity costs, annoying noises or regular filter changes.

The AIRY system only requires light and occasional refilling of the water tank to continuously supply rooms of up to 20 square meters with fresh air (AIRY System M).

But how exactly does it work?

First of all: air is essential for our well-being. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , indoor air is up to 30 times more polluted than outdoor air . This can lead to complaints such as headaches and fatigue.

That’s why we developed AIRY.

The idea behind this biofilter arose from the personal plight of a man who suffered from severe hay fever and various allergies. His search for a solution led him to NASA, which was researching the air purifying effects of plants .

Do you also suffer from allergies or do you simply want healthy plants around you without having a green thumb? Then AIRY is the ideal solution for you.

The AIRY system is available in different sizes and consists of three elements:

  1. The pot, the result of many years of development and international patents, ensures that the room air flows naturally through the interior of the pot.

  2. The mineral substrate, consisting of pumice, lava and zeolite, serves as an effective filter medium that absorbs harmful particles and gaseous pollutants.

  3. The plant itself, whose roots sit in the mineral substrate and purify it by converting pollutants into nutrients.

AIRY optimizes the cleaning process by directly ventilating the root system. This transports pollutants to the roots more quickly and increases the plant's performance.

Are you interested in which plant suits you best or which AIRY system fits perfectly in your bedroom? Then take a look around our shop and experience natural air purification with AIRY. Breathe the difference!

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