Thick air in the office?

You can now rent a good working atmosphere from us.

AIRY biofilters are the natural working climate system for your company.

Why AIRYs are definitely a benefit in your office:

  1. filter dirt and dust particles from the air
  2. absorb harmful gases and odors
  3. ensure healthy humidity in the room
  4. have a sound-absorbing and calming effect
  5. provide a pleasant feeling and reduce stress
  6. work 24/7 without power consumption or filter changes


Why AIRY biofilter?


Office spaces usually have an unhealthy indoor climate:

  • Too low humidity
  • Exposure to fine dust (including from printers)
  • High CO2 concentration
  • Permanent toxic fumes
    (volatile organic compounds) from furniture, carpets, wall paints, PCs, etc


A bad indoor climate causes

  • Headache
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • exhaustion
  • respiratory irritation.

Fine dust and fumes can even cause chronic or serious illnesses.

Employees are susceptible to infections, which can lead to expensive sick days, around 15 days per year on average.


AIRY is the natural company air conditioning system! A patented biofilter that potentiates the air-purifying effect of plants by up to 8 times.

CO2 and fine dust are bound, pollutants are removed from the air and oxygen and moisture are added.

Everything works in a biological-physical way, without additional costs for electricity or filter replacement.

This is how AIRY works:

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