Das VOC-ABC: T wie Toluol 🚬
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The VOC ABC: T for Toluene 🚬

Why does TOLUENE particularly affect smokers 🚬, but we cannot be safe from TOLUENE even when dressing up 💃? TOLUENE is also called methylbenzene or phenylmethane and belongs to the group of arom...
Warum Du Dich für Luftfeuchtigkeit interessieren solltest
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Why you should care about humidity

Do you wake up in the morning with a dry throat, a headache or just not feeling refreshed? Then it may be because the air quality in your bedroom is poor, either due to pollutants or a lack of h...
Was atme ich eigentlich ein?
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What am I actually breathing in?

If the air is clean, you can't see, smell or taste it. It contains approximately 78 percent nitrogen gas (N 2 ), 21 percent oxygen gas (0 2 ). There is still one percent left. This is made up ...
Lüften. Aber bitte richtig
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Ventilate. But please do it properly

First, ventilate! Does your workplace smell like the day before yesterday or your apartment smell like new sneakers? If you reach for an air freshener or other so-called air freshener, you are on...
🥴 PHTALATE - die ungesunden Weichmacher
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🥴 PHTALATES - the unhealthy plasticizers

Phthalates are found all around us and are mostly odorless. They sneak into the air we breathe and thus into our bodies. But they also find their way to us via food and cosmetics. They can be fou...
🥴 FORMALDEHYD - einfach überall
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🥴 FORMALDEHYDE - simply everywhere

Do you live in a 🏠 NEW BUILDING or have you just RENOVATED 🎨? Then you most likely have a lot of FORMALDEHYDE in your room air. Some of these materials will off-gas 🗓️ FOR YEARS until all the FORM...
☠️ BENZOL - hochgiftig und genotoxisch
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☠️ BENZOLE - highly toxic and genotoxic

Everyone probably knows the smell of benzene: it's the typical smell of gasoline at the gas station ⛽. And a real devil's work 👿: Benzene is toxic ☠️ and carcinogenic. Our body absorbs it through...
😵 AMMONIAK - stechend und ungesund 🐷🙀
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😵 AMMONIA - pungent and unhealthy 🐷🙀

Good air - even if it stinks? That's rather rare. On a farm, for example, you can smell exactly where the pigs are - and a cat litter box should also be cleaned very regularly, otherwise it smells...