Das VOC-ABC: T wie Toluol 🚬

The VOC ABC: T for Toluene 🚬

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Why does TOLUENE particularly affect smokers 🚬, but we cannot be safe from TOLUENE even when dressing up 💃?

TOLUENE is also called methylbenzene or phenylmethane and belongs to the group of aromatic hydrocarbons. It is a transparent liquid with an intense smell 🐽 that most people actually find pleasant.
💡 Fun Fact: The discoverer of TOLUENE was a young Polish chemist named Filip Walter who lived in the 19th century.
TOLUENE is most commonly made from crude oil. Interestingly, TOLUENE can even be made from the balsam tree, a tree🌳 that grows in South America.
And it is found in burnt tobacco - which is why smokers are particularly affected by it 🚭.
TOLUENE can cause nerve, kidney and probably liver damage. It is classified as toxic to reproduction and teratogenic. Breathing in toluene vapors can lead to symptoms such as tiredness and malaise, and even loss of consciousness.
TOLUENE can cause respiratory diseases by irritating the bronchi and can lead to damage to the cornea, pancreas, liver and kidneys - this is especially true for smokers 🚬 who inhale TOLUENE while smoking.
We encounter TOLUENE all the time in our everyday lives:
  • as a solvent in paints, varnishes, corrosion inhibitors
  • in gels, sprays, hair dyes
  • in cleaning and disinfection products
  • in dyes, rubber or resins
  • and - but this hopefully never happens in everyday life - in explosives such as TNT.
TOLUENE enters our body through the skin and respiratory tract.
How good that SO MANY plants can metabolize TOLUENE:

Most effective, of course, in our AIRY systems.

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