☠️ BENZOL - hochgiftig und genotoxisch

☠️ BENZOLE - highly toxic and genotoxic

Everyone probably knows the smell of benzene: it's the typical smell of gasoline at the gas station ⛽.

And a real devil's work 👿:

Benzene is toxic ☠️ and carcinogenic.
Our body absorbs it through skin contact or inhalation.
The first symptoms of poisoning are irritated mucous membranes, headaches and nausea.
BENZOLE causes damage to internal organs and the bone marrow. Benzene is considered genotoxic, meaning it can cause changes in the genetic makeup.

In EVERYDAY LIFE we encounter BENZOL at the gas station, in PAINTS, WALL PAINTS, CANDLE SMOKE 🕯️ and EXHAUSTS, for example if you live on a busy street.
But how do we get rid of BENZOL in the air 🥊?
These plants take BENZOLE from your indoor air:
Most effective in our AIRY systems: Our AIRY biofilters are perfect for your plants AND also support them in their valuable work of air purification!

Recommended by NASA. They presented this to us in detail in their 2019 yearbook: https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2019/cg_7.html

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