🥴 FORMALDEHYD - einfach überall

🥴 FORMALDEHYDE - simply everywhere

Do you live in a 🏠 NEW BUILDING or have you just RENOVATED 🎨?
Then you most likely have a lot of FORMALDEHYDE in your room air.

Some of these materials will off-gas 🗓️ FOR YEARS until all the FORMALDEHYDE has evaporated.
FORMALDEHYDE is a colorless gas with a characteristic pungent odor that is used in many areas.
From the preservation of anatomical specimens to the production of synthetic resins for furniture - FORMALDEHYDE can do it all!
Because it is so versatile, we encounter FORMALDEHYDE almost everywhere:

In plywood and fiberboard, insulation materials, paints, wallpaper, varnishes and cleaning products.

Do you have burning or watery eyes 👁️, an irritated throat 👅 or a runny nose 👃? Then these could be signs of formaldehyde in your air, as well as tiredness and 🥴 headaches.
Formaldehyde is harmful to health and enters our bodies primarily through our mucous membranes. It is considered carcinogenic and slightly genotoxic.
🍀 Fortunately, there is a WIDE SELECTION of plants that neutralize formaldehyde🥊:
These plants have been proven to work most effectively in our AIRY systems. And they are particularly effective against formaldehyde thanks to the open water tank, as the pollutant is also bound by water!
A study by the Fraunhofer Institute on the degradation of formaldehyde using an AIRY System M can be found here .

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