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Ventilate. But please do it properly

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First, ventilate!
Does your workplace smell like the day before yesterday or your apartment smell like new sneakers? If you reach for an air freshener or other so-called air freshener, you are only hiding the fact that the air is simply bad and are making it even more polluted!

In some buildings, air seems to be used up particularly quickly. This may be due to an energy-saving regulation: it ensures that houses are planned, built, renovated or heated in such a way that energy consumption is reduced. Bravo! This relieves the burden on the environment and we save money - but thanks to the best thermal insulation and super-tight windows and doors, we quickly find ourselves in a stench. The best first aid measure is: ventilate more often and thoroughly!

Tip: Smart air exchange
Just tilt the window? Wait a minute! Ventilation works like this: open the window wide - ideally every two hours, but at least four times a day. After five to ten minutes, the air in the room is completely replaced. The colder it is outside, the quicker you will have fresh air inside.

However, if the windows are only tilted, the change takes up to an hour. In winter, a lot of heating energy is lost. In addition, the wall near the window cools down and is then susceptible to moisture. Showering, cooking and breathing by a family of four produces around ten liters of water every day.

This evaporates and settles in cold places - but damp walls are the perfect breeding ground for mold, which triggers allergies and damages the liver and kidneys.

If you ventilate properly, you will get rid of moisture and pollutants!

  • So in the morning, let out the moisture you sweat out during the night.
  • Air the room thoroughly at midday and at the latest
  • in the early evening, especially to reduce the C0 2 content.
  • Get some fresh air into your house right before you go to bed.

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