😳 Hilfe, mein AIRY ist auseinandergefallen 🤯

😳 Help, my AIRY fell apart 🤯

Has your AIRY M "fallen apart"? No problem, it's probably just the bayonet lock that has opened. This allows you to disassemble the biofilter into its individual parts if you want to put it in the dishwasher for cleaning, for example.

Here’s how to put everything back together:

  1. Please take the pot apart.
  2. Place the water tank on a scratch-resistant surface.
  3. Now you have access to the base and the rings above it. Please stack them all neatly on top of each other, following the shape.
  4. Then place the inner basket into the grooves in the outer pot. Hold both firmly like a steering wheel and place them in the water tank.
  5. Still holding both firmly. Now press the inner basket down and turn it sharply to the right (approx. one cm). The bayonet lock should now be locked in place again.

If you ever want to take the M apart yourself, we'll show you how it works in this video:

By the way, the AIRY S cannot be taken apart; the parts are firmly locked together.

With our large AIRY L, however, the inner basket can be removed. Pro tip: If the AIRY L is already planted and therefore very heavy, the inner basket can be lifted out by cleverly using two coat hangers or similar hooks.

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