Warum die 🌸 Pechnelke 🌸 unser Glücksbringer ist

Why the 🌸 pitch clove 🌸 is our lucky charm - and has been for over 200 years

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The 🌸 Lychnis viscaria is the DIPLOMATIC and HEALER among the plants. It makes the plants more stress-resistant and resilient to negative influences such as heat, pests, drought... Why?

As early as the Middle Ages, monks and nuns - including Hildegard von Bingen - used the plant as a medicinal plant.

Originally banished from the beds as weeds, medieval gardeners noticed that plants that had previously grown splendidly next to each other now had lower yields, became more susceptible to 🐛 pests and thrived less.

💡Wisely, they drew the right conclusions - and let the 🌸 pitch carnation grow again - luckily🍀!

Because the active ingredients of the 🌸 pitch clove have been proven to increase the resistance of your plants 🥊. That's why we've bundled all the active ingredients in our AIRY Vitalizer so that your plants can produce lots of healthy air for you.

By the way, in contrast to other pitch clove products, our AIRY Vitalizer is made with GLUCOSE instead of lactose - so that no fermentation processes can take place in the water tank.

Scientists at the University of Bonn have now discovered the secret of 🌸 Lychnis viscaria - source here.

Quote: "If you treat the seeds in advance with the liquid (the 🌸 pitch clove), this can increase the yields of agricultural crops by up to 40%. The extract also has a preventive effect against rust fungi on hollyhocks, mildew on cucumbers and gray mold on tomatoes. Bonner Researchers have gotten to the bottom of the matter: After several years of work, they were able to isolate two plant hormones from the class of brassinosteroids. This group of substances has been proven to promote growth. As a component of approved plant strengtheners, pitch clove extract is now used internationally, primarily for seed dressing.

The AIRY Vitalizer is an organic and approved plant strengthener made in Germany. It is listed by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) and is suitable for organic farming. It is scientifically proven that you are doing your plants good when you treat them to our AIRY Vitalizer .

But why is 🌸 Pechnelke now called 🌸 Pechnelke? Because it forms a sticky black goo underneath the flower, which pests are supposed to stick to. That's why it's also called tar flower in Finnish. The name has nothing to do with misfortune. On the contrary:

🌸 Lychnis viscaria ensures that plants can grow and thrive next to each other in peaceful coexistence.

If that's not luck🍀?

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